Oh Ophelia

Oh Ophelia

I really feel for ya

There are some truths my love just didn’t get revealed to ya

Becoming Queen was an ambition so unreal for ya

Young woman in tragedy, the fates were always sealed for ya

Giving your flower away in some poetic spiel for ya

To be told the Nunnery is where they’ve got a deal for ya

In his mind it’s where you’re gonna go to kneel for ya

Humble pie or some such dish, tis not religious zeal for ya

While your brother pours innuendo but pure ideals on ya

Not just your heart that’s broken, what a thing to steal from ya

To be or not to be, the first now don’t appeal to ya

Daddy’s gone, stabbed as he tried in vain to conceal and ya

Got watery muddy death, that is the last ordeal for ya

Now like the rest, the worms will make a meal of ya

Oh Ophelia

I really feel for ya


anna jones ©2017

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