The Fall

Dawn of Creation

Lovely Location

But Lost Motivation

Jaded Conversation

Relationship Stagnation

Growing Frustration

Wavering Dedication


Gentle Vibration

Smooth Infiltration

Coy Fascination

Reptilian Flirtation

Whispered Revelation

Forked Tongue Provocation

Pupil Dilation

Wicked Imagination


Obsessive Fixation

Carnal Starvation

Hello Hydration

Blood Tingling Sensation

Fuck Contemplation

To Hell with Salvation

Bring on Damnation


Give in to Temptation


Paradise is sort of nice

But God I want a different slice

To taste that forbidden taste on my lips

Is worth a roll of any dice


I needed a hit

So deeply I bit

Now that I’ve done it

I feel really shit

It looked super juicy

But I’m gonna to spit

My sins so unoriginal, what a fuck wit

Would you Adam and Eve

I could make

Such a mess

Of it?


anna jones ©2017

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