We Are All Made of Stars + Satellite Sonnet

We Are All Made Of Stars was a multi art form project involving Slough Museum and local artists and residents co creating work shared at ‘pop up’ venues across the town.

Anna produced the series of outdoor arts and heritage led events and worked with the resident Herschel Arms writers group to co-create performance poetry inspired by astronomy, the universe and 18th century scientific pioneer Caroline Herschel.

The local Age UK choir and The Curve choir worked with musician and composer Rob Harris to co-create pieces inspired by the music of William Herschel and his sister and soloist Caroline, both distinguished, talented musicians as well as astronomers.

We shared all resulting artwork at private grounds The Mere; on and around Herschel Street and at in the the Herschel Arms pub garden. As part of the national Big (Lunar) Lunch and The Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox MP – we held an open air picnic and performances for twilight attendance. This meant that people observing Ramadan could take part in this celebration of togetherness, created to demonstrate that there is more that unites than divides us, or that ‘We Are All Made of Stars’.

We Are All Made of Stars was supported by Slough Borough Council and Arts Council England.

Satellite Sonnet

I gaze up at you, strong, secret, silent

You do not know, but I’m crazy ’bout you
You are driving me utterly insane
I prey madness is just a passing phase

Your magnetic power pulls me closer
You make gradual, gentle movements; in sync
We rotate, it’s almost invisible

I long to discover your hard curves, explore
Your dark side, but my world’s so far away
I fear I will never ever reach you

I can’t turn this tide you wash over me
You are dangerous, with rough edges, yet
You eclipse the most radiant beauty

You illuminate my life, you shine bright
You make me want to howl, instincts primal
I don’t think I’ll ever get over you

I wish you a good night my distant love
I will touch you in my deep darkest dreams

anna jones ©2017

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