Horlicks Quarter

Poetry commission from Berkeley Homes for display in Horlicks Quarter, a historic landmark scheme of apartments, amenities, landscaped spaces & water features in one of Slough’s most iconic buildings – a Grade II listed former factory.

The Earth and the Stars

Skilfully they quarry the earth

Smooth, soften, squeeze, to tame this nature into shape

Carefully they measure the sand, kiln dry and fire

Ready to build homes and dreams

Millions of bricks, over hundreds of years

Made in Slough

Skilfully they sweep the sky

Clock, count, calculate, to tame this nature into script

Carefully they grind the sand, concave mirrors shine

Ready to build telescopes and dreams

Millions of stars, over hundreds of years

Mapped in Slough

We have always looked up

We have always settled down

From our firmament to our front door

We seek wonder and comfort

We imagine and create worlds

With feet on the earth as we gaze at the stars

© Anna Jones 2021
The Warm Feeling

British brothers William and James created a recipe

Mixed fresh milk with wheat

Malted barley and herbs

Brewed up in a bain-marie

From Granary they moved to Slough, built Horlicks Factory

Strong, light, lofty spaces,

A striking clock tower

An icon for all to see

The world has loved both elixir and view for over a century

From SL1 it has given

The warm feeling to millions

Keeping babies to explorers healthy

This town looks forward, creating anew for continued prosperity

A pride in the past,

With a view to the future

Connected, contemporary

Horlicks Quarter now offers these surrounds a different quality

Transforming the space,

Developing the place

Building homes and community

Discover more with this destination, the next part of your journey

Follow head and heart

For the warm feeling you get

As you step up, and turn the key

© Anna Jones 2021


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