Our Special Relationship

Our Special Relationship


I searched for you across wild oceans,

Never daring to dream that I would find

Such a dirty, dangerous, delicious passion

Which after more than 400 summers, still burns hot.

But you are colder now.


When I discovered your riches,

I knew I had to possess you entirely.

The blood lost and the blood lust

Was worth it to make you mine.

But you are bolder now.


I never wanted to set you free.

Your Declaration of Independence nearly destroyed me.

I had to accept your right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,

To lose you completely would be unbearable.

You are the scolder now.


Like a white knight, your white light saved me,

As it seared through flesh, turning skin inside out and the whole world upside down.

You were Oversexed and Overpaid,

But I needed you Over Here beside me.

You are the shoulder now.


Through time and space, our destructive power has bound us together,

I have fallen, my heart is given, my soul is sold.

I’d lie for you; I’d die for you;

Give tooth for tooth and eye for eye for you.

It’s all in a sexed up folder now.


Of late, others say you have grown so ugly,

Distorted and deranged with and beyond belief,

Frenzied and overcome with hate, but I still love you,

Still long for our special relationship.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder now.


anna jones ©2017

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