Reflect With Us

Reflect With Us was created by Slough artists Anna Jones & Pete Cox – this participatory exhibition was the first of its kind in a ‘found’ space we chose to explore at the new HOME on the High Street.

The first 3 spaces (former Top Shop changing rooms) represent our perspectives of Past/Present/Future – a mix of memory, disquiet, regret & hope – all with the self & societal reflection that threads through both Anna & Pete’s work.

The final 3 spaces we created for others reflections on Past/Present/Future themes – share your words, thoughts, ideas here to Reflect With Us…

Anna Jones is a writer and collaborative conceptual artist – creating work with and inspired by people, place & heritage. Her public art installation Honour Who Fell is on display at Windsor Guildhall for which Anna worked with communities who created 2,500 hand cut poppies, each representing a life sacrificed by someone from the Royal Borough during the First World War. Herschel Street, her set of Slough location cyanotypes & ‘slow selfies’ created with Slough residents & artists to evoke our hidden history is on display at The Curve. Founder member of the Herschel Arms writers, she has written and created theatre with several community groups in Slough and was commissioned to write a poetry performance for The Curve for International Women’s Day. Anna also works across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and London as a creative producer in the arts & museum sectors collaborating with local residents and renowned artists on festivals and outdoor events.

Pete Cox is a writer and spoken word artist who established & curates the Herschel Arms monthly The Innerverse, growing in this first 6 months to feature over 40 unique artistic contributors and an audience totaling over 200 Slough residents & unsuspecting locals. Pete was selected to perform at the Words & Music launch night in Windsor and continues as a regular contributor. He was chosen to perform at HOME Slough’s Poetry in the Park & The Curve’s World Poetry Day celebrations. Peter led poetry sessions across Slough Libraries for as part of the national Get Creative Festival in 2018. He is an Action4Youth contributing artist in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, working with hard to reach young people to create poetry & encourage self expression. Born and raised in Manor Park he was encouraged to express himself in recovery & found poetry – or did it find him?

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